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Chanda's Story

Ms. Chanda Davis is our nationally recognized instructor. Known for specializing in modern instruction geared towards real world learning. Chanda began her career as a teacher of biology in 1999. Then, in early 2000 she decided to become a part-time real estate agent. After much success as an agent, she decided to further her real estate career by attaining her broker’s license in 2007. The decision to stop teaching and take on real estate full time was a difficult one. Teaching was Chanda’s first love, and very much a part of who she was as a person. Nevertheless, she moved forward with her new full time career. After some time had passed, Chanda began to realize a few things. First, a lot of her peers and colleagues spoke about the difficulty they experienced passing the state exams. Secondly, despite passing courses, and exams, some colleagues were not readily prepared for their new career as realtors. Lastly, her passion for real estate did not fill the void that teaching left in her.

In 2009, Chanda decided to combine her passion for teaching and real estate by becoming a certified instructor. She created a curriculum organized to target objectives for the licensing exams. She then formulated unique teaching strategies by merging her experience in education with the 17 plus years of experience in real estate. Chanda’s vision was to teach her students in a way that was not only valuable, but exclusive and enjoyable as well. She felt it was imperative that each student inherit the same “life changing” feeling that she did when she decided to start teaching real estate. That vision became Superior School of Real Estate.

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